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Vol. 9, Issue 5 (2020)

Assessment of musculoskeletal problems of Hairsalon workers

Divya Martolia, Ritu Gupta and Jatinderjit Kaur Gill
Hair dressing job has been related to various harmful health effects on hair salon workers such as working in prolonged awkward postures with repetitive movements, vibration effects and contact stress. Working in standing posture for long duration results in increased postural discomfort and decrease in work performance. Hairdressers are also commonly at risk of work-related upper limb problems due to supporting weight or tools while holding arms away from the body cause severe pain in shoulder region, lower back, neck etc. The present study was conducted to assess the work postures and explore the muscular stresses experienced by the female hair dressers. The study was conducted on 20 randomly selected female hair dressers with average to good health status. A self structured interview schedule was developed related to musculoskeletal problems of female hair dressers. To evaluate the body posture and risk analysis WERA method was used and Corlett and Bishop scale to analyze the discomfort experienced by the female hair dressers. Results revealed that the maximum respondents had experienced postural discomfort in shoulder region followed by wrist, back and neck. The WERA analysis revealed that the risk level was medium, there is need for investigation and change is required to prevent musculoskeletal problems. Hairdressers need regular exercise, healthy diet and balanced rest break with respect to the load of working hours to reduce the physical exertion in different parts of the body.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Divya Martolia, Ritu Gupta, Jatinderjit Kaur Gill. Assessment of musculoskeletal problems of Hairsalon workers. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(5):302-305.

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