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Vol. 9, Issue 4 (2020)

Assessment and comparison of psychological counselling needs of rural and urban adolescents

Manisha Dhami and Seema Sharma
High psychological distress among adolescents leads to need of high psychological counselling among adolescents. Psychological counselling in the present era have become rising needs because of diversity of problems that the individual faces in important domains of life. To assess the Psychological counselling needs of male and female adolescents in urban and rural areas. The study was conducted on 200 adolescents (100 urban and 100 rural) of Government Senior Secondary Schools of Ludhiana district. The sample was further equally distributed over two genders (100 males and 100 females). Psychological counselling needs scale (Chouhan & Arora, 2009) was used to assess the psychological counselling needs of adolescents. The results revealed that significant locale differences were found in the adolescents perception of total psychological counselling needs. Rural adolescents had more psychological counselling needs. No significant difference was found between males and female. Significant correlation was found between psychological counselling needs and academic achievements of both the locale and gender. It means those students who get academic failure were in more mental health problems than who are academically high. Good mental health is a very important determinant of academic growth of the student. It is vital to have a counselor in each school for guiding the students as going to psychiatrist is still a social stigma in Indian culture.
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Manisha Dhami, Seema Sharma. Assessment and comparison of psychological counselling needs of rural and urban adolescents. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(4):68-72.

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