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Vol. 9, Issue 3 (2020)

A study on psychological empowerment of women artist involve in Mithila painting

Savita Kumari, Gayatri and Mahesh Kumar
“Women empowerment” is a very commonly used phrase in developing countries. In India issues related to women are also very emergent. Women empowerment can also be called gender empowerment. The eighth five year plan gave much emphasis to women as equal partners and participants in the development process, and thereby, the conceptual thinking shifted from development to empowerment of women. Women empowerment can be done by different way such as economical, social, psychological, political, cultural etc. The psychological empowerment is a blend of Self confidence, Courageous, Self reliance, Feeling in security in family, Career oriented, self image and it ultimately leads to wellbeing and happiness of women. In India, most of women involved in handicraft. Mithila painting is also a famous handicraft of Bihar state. Mithila painting is more than an art, hopes and aspirations to the people. Mithila painting, also known as Madhubani painting is an emblematic expression of day-to-day experiences and beliefs. The symbols that these Maithili painters use have their specific meanings, for example these paintings are most widely done in Mithila (a place in Bihar state) on walls, coated with mud and cow dung. Thus, this study was conducted in Madhubani district of Bihar, study Psychological empowerment of women artist involve in Mithila painting. For this study sixty female respondents involved in Mithila painting were purposively selected. The findings of the study showed that the majority (81.66%) of the respondents were as they able to built up ‘self image’ followed by gain ‘self confidence of psychologically empowered, among the studied variable such as Age, cast, Education, occupation, Family type and family annual income. Psychological empowerment revealed that out of six variables which were subjected to analysis, one variables i.e. Education were found to be significant contributors towards psychological empowerment of women.
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Savita Kumari, Gayatri, Mahesh Kumar. A study on psychological empowerment of women artist involve in Mithila painting. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(3):539-542.

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