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Vol. 8, Issue 5 (2019)

Innovative technique using modified infusion set tubing for rectification of milk outflow disorders in cows

MD Moin Ansari, DM Makhdoomi, TK Sarkar and S Muzammil
The present study was carried out in eight cross bred jersey cows irrespective of their age, breed, post calving period, pregnancy status and lactations number of the animals with the history of teat obstruction and leaking of milk from the affected teats. On physical examination, teat was found soft and major complication were leaking of milk from a teat sinus due to teat laceration and teat fistula in two animals each. In four cows an unusual ring like structure were felt near the base of affected teat due to some membranous or fibrous tissue blockage in the teat canal and case is diagnosed as teat spider. Surgical correction was advised in all the animals and the defect was surgically corrected. Milk flow patency was maintained by sterile modified infusion set tubing (polyvinyl chloride material) in situ. After suturing, N-butyl cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive was added over the sutured line to reinforce the suture line and tubing post operatively. Daily dressing with Povidone solution was done and siphoning the milk every now and then 2 days interval. Infusion set tubing and skin sutures were removed on 10th postoperative day. The modified infusion set tubing functional well 100 per cent without any complication for 10 days post-operatively. All the animals showed uneventful recovery. On the basis of present study, it is recommended that the infusion set tubing is the excellent method of treatment related with internal affections of the teat such as membranous obstruction, occlusion of teat, teat fistula and laceration of the teat. This is the non-invasive, easily available, cost-effective, animal friendly, radiation free and acted as ancillary and supportive treatment tool for the management of milk flow disorders in cows.
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MD Moin Ansari, DM Makhdoomi, TK Sarkar, S Muzammil. Innovative technique using modified infusion set tubing for rectification of milk outflow disorders in cows. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(5):795-798.

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