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Vol. 8, Issue 2 (2019)

Microplastic pollution: A macro problem

Priyanka and Sneh Lata Chauhan
Microplastics are the particles of size <5 mm, which originate from successive degradation of larger plastic debris or are manufactured as small granules and used in many applications. These are the emerging pollutants of increasing environmental concern. These tiny particles easily pass through water filtration systems and end up in the environment the plastic might disintegrate into pieces too small to be caught in. The plastic sinking in sediment could be eaten by plankton or fish from where it enters the food chain and finally it climbs to the top of the pyramid into human body. An important source of microplastic appears to be through sewage contaminated by microfibers from washing clothes. This review outlines the current studies on the effects of plastic pollution in the marine environment and the possible deleterious effects of their presence in the marine food web.
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Priyanka, Sneh Lata Chauhan. Microplastic pollution: A macro problem. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(2):555-561.
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