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Vol. 7, Issue 8 (2018)

Postural discomfort faced by nurses of various hospitals of Ludhiana city

Sujata Kumari and Harpinder Kaur
Nursing is, by its very nature, an occupation exposed to stressful work load which in turn is linked with poor physical and psychological health. Likewise patients approaching hospitals are themselves suffering a considerable degree of stress often being difficult, frightened and resentful. Nurses working in hospital routinely perform activities that require lifting heavy loads in awkward posture. Daily exposure to heavy job strain increases the risk of musculoskeletal pain. Nurses perform a wide range of non-clinical and clinical functions necessary to the delivery of health care and musculoskeletal disorders represent a significant problem among health care workers. Therefore, the present study was undertaken to know the personal profile of the nurses and to assess the postural discomfort faced by nurses through using subjective ergonomic scales. Results showed that while performing activities by nurses at workplace, they faced more discomfort in neck, shoulder, lower back and upper back. Therefore, the ergonomic designed equipment is provided by hospital management, the postural difficulties can be reduced of nurses.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Sujata Kumari, Harpinder Kaur. Postural discomfort faced by nurses of various hospitals of Ludhiana city. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(8):313-316.

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