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Vol. 7, Issue 1 (2018)

Integrated pig - fish farming: A case study in imphal west district of Manipur

JW Haobijam and Souvik Ghosh
In India the system of integrated farming with various components has gained momentum due to higher production and income. In Manipur, integration of pig with fish as a major component is practiced. A case study was conducted including a farmer of Khabi Bamdiar village of Imphal West district of Manipur adopting integrated pig - fish farming. The innovation made by the farmer is found to be acceptable with few modifications. The practice is socially, ecologically and economically viable. The farmer has been making a net profit of ₹ 1433242 in the first year and then ₹ 2565242 from second year onward form his 3.5 ha of land i.e. ₹ 732923 ha-1 yr-1 from this integrated approach. This technique may be promoted to improve the present level of farm production in the state of Manipur and in the country where fish remain as a major commodity for local consumption.
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JW Haobijam, Souvik Ghosh. Integrated pig - fish farming: A case study in imphal west district of Manipur. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(1):495-499.
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