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Vol. 6, Issue 3 (2017)

Enhancement of functional properties of Gulabjamun by soya fortified milk

Rajni Kant and Arif A Broadwayb
Five different ratios of buffalo milk and soya milk i.e. 1:0 (T0), 1:1 (T1), 1:2 (T2), 1:3 (T3) and 1:4 (T4) and three different levels of maida i.e. 30 % (M1), 33% (M2) and 35% (M3) respectively were used in the present study was undertaken with the objectives“Development of Functional Gulabjamun Using Khoa from Soya Fortified Milk” to improve the functional qualities of gulabjamun. These treatment combination (T0, T1M1, T1M2, T1M3, T2M1, T2M2, T2M3, T3M1, T3M2, T3M3, T4M1, T4M2 and T4M3) used in the study were replicated six times. Products were tested for moisture, fat, protein, carbohydrate, ash, total solids, Coli form, yeast and mould, hardness, adhesiveness, cohesiveness, gumminess, springiness and Chewiness. The data obtained during investigation were statistically analyzed by using factorial design and critical difference between treatment combinations. Treatment combinations T3M3 contained the highest percentage of total carbohydrate (45.15), ash (1.99), total solids (69.82) and yield (54.16). The treatment combination T2M1 contained highest percentage of fat (13.99). The treatment combination T4M2 contained highest percentage of protein (9.14).
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Rajni Kant, Arif A Broadwayb. Enhancement of functional properties of Gulabjamun by soya fortified milk. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(3):94-100.

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