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Vol. 5, Issue 11 (2016)

Current Development of Higher Medical Education in Ukraine in Terms of European Integration

Sergii Stotskyi
National Strategy for Health Reform (the Strategy) is a component of the National Action Plan for the reform. The purpose of the Strategy is to identify the key problems of the health system, potential directions and the ways of their solution to form a new state policy in this field, including regulatory transformation and the implementation of new financial mechanisms to ensure human rights in health care. Future reformed health care system is based on three fundamental principles - focus on people, on result and implementation. The main aim of the reforming of higher medical education is the generation of new medical personnel by introducing the European educational and health standards into the educational process of integration and improving the intellectual, scientific, educational, vocational-oriented level of future doctors, providing them with modern, more effective innovation and Health Information Technology. According to the National Strategy for Health Reform in Ukraine the submission of higher education institutions to the Ministry of Education is problematic on our opinion (until the provisions of the Law on Higher Education on university autonomy come into force); because at present the medical universities don’t have university clinics, which greatly complicates the organization of legal and financial relationships with local hospitals. The idea of ​​ medical higher education reform is the adaptation of the national higher education system to European standards.
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