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Vol. 4, Issue 8 (2015)

A Study of Effects of Maternal Anaemia on Anthropometric Measurements of Newborns

Samta Gaur, Sushma K Kataria, Ritu Agarwal
Background: The health-conscious world community has come to realize that anaemia, the majority of which is due to iron deficiency, has serious health and functional consequences, is widespread especially among tropical-low income populations and that most of its nutritional component is controllable with a very high benefit/cost ratio. Women of fertile age and pregnant-lactating as well as their infants and young children are particularly affected.
Aims & Objectives: The aim of present study to find out the effects of maternal anaemia on Anthropometric measurements of newborn in western Rajasthan, India.
Methods: The Study carried was carried out on 938 mothers and their newborn at Umaid Hospital, Dr. Sampurnanand Medical College Jodhpur, and Rajasthan. Out of 938 mothers 90(9.58%) were anaemic and 848 were found normal (90.40%). Anthropometric measurements of newborn included the weight, length, head, mid arm, chest, thigh, calf circumferences and skin fold thickness.
Results: In the present study 9.59% of mothers were anaemic. Maternal anaemia strongly influences mean birth weight and LBW rate. On the multivariate analysis by ANOVA test, maternal anaemia had highly significant (p<0.01) effects on birth weight, chest and mid arm circumference and significant (p<0.05) effect on length and calf circumferences of neonates.
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Samta Gaur, Sushma K Kataria, Ritu Agarwal. A Study of Effects of Maternal Anaemia on Anthropometric Measurements of Newborns. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(8):69-71.

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