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Vol. 4, Issue 8 (2015)

Pharmacoepidemiological Trend and Drug Utilization Review of Breast Cancer at Three Different Tertiary Care Hospitals

Samiya Abdul Saleem Khan, Mohd Ilyaz, K Manasa
Aim: In this study, we have aimed to evaluate the Pharmacoepidemiological trends and Drug utilization review of Breast cancer in three different hospitals in Hyderabad. This study includes the reports of favorable and unfavorable outcomes of breast cancer, extent of usage and appropriateness of chemotherapeutic drugs with respect to diagnosis and regimen.
Method: It is an observational and a qualitative study in which the medical records of the both female and male patients with breast cancer were retrospectively reviewed who have consulted the medical oncology department of the three hospitals between 2010 and 2014. There were 2893 total admissions at all the three hospitals where the study has been carried out, of which 2770 patients met the inclusion criteria and were recorded, reviewed and analyzed for the treatment outcomes.
Result: The Adriamycin-Cyclophosphamide (describe briefly to this biochemical reagent) with the combination of Tamoxifen regimen is found to be more effective when compared to other chemotherapeutic regimens. The prevalence rate is increasing 3% in 1, 00,000 population every year. The incidence rate of breast cancer is more in the tumor size 2-5 cm than in tumor size of <2cm and > 5cm and the therapeutic regimen used is Adriamycin - Cyclophosphamide with the combination of Tamoxifen. The percentages of patients with treatment outcomes assessed in the study are as follows: cured 51.88%, treatment completed 43.27%, Discontinue 1.68%, Failure 2.95%, Death 0.21%. The usage of chemotherapeutic agents is found to be more than that of hormonal regimens.
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Samiya Abdul Saleem Khan, Mohd Ilyaz, K Manasa. Pharmacoepidemiological Trend and Drug Utilization Review of Breast Cancer at Three Different Tertiary Care Hospitals. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(8):12-18.
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