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Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2015)

Eventration in the surgical clinical practice

Taras Ivankiv, Oleksii Ogurtsov, Rostislav Chukla, Galina Pokhylevych
Results of surgical treatment of 25 patients with postsurgical eventration. 8 patients were delivered in urgent order, 17 – had planned hospitalization. Gender ratio of women / men was 44% and 54% respectively. The average age of patients was 62 years; 3 patients (40-50 years); 7 - (50-60 years); 7 - (60-70); 8 - (> 70years). In the analysis of laboratory parameters should be noted violation of protein homeostasis, such as low protein levels (<60 g / l) and reduced prothrombin index, which averaged 75%. The above factors and circumstances led to eventration in an average time of 9 days. Despite long-term experience in surgery, eventration is an inherent part of laparotomy. The presence of postoperative peritonitis often leads to eventration, in 7-8% of patients - to evisceration and high mortality rates.
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Taras Ivankiv, Oleksii Ogurtsov, Rostislav Chukla, Galina Pokhylevych. Eventration in the surgical clinical practice. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(3):30-32.
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