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Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2013)

Local health wisdom of rural women of Jaisalmer district, Rajasthan

Arti Verma and Preeti Verma
The health traditions in which the practices are local and community specific, are known as 'Local Health Traditions (LHTs). For fracture, the traditional practices included giving of Mushroom flour and butter; Maida lakdi and milk; tying Bamboo bark. Whereas, for Abdominal pain, traditional treatment comprised of use of Phitkari; mixture of Harad and Salt; use of Ajwain, Salt and water; chewing of Nosadar. Snake bite was treated by orally giving Deshi ghee in extreme amount and Tumba and Onion. Apart, the traditional management for Minor cuts and Burns were application of Coconut oil; Turmeric and Ghee; Urine. While, for Muscular pain, massaging the affected portion with Mustard oil/ Turpentine oil/Castor oil; Tying of Aak leaves; Arandi leaves; Balu reth was considered. For Headache, the indigenous treatments used were taking Ukaali made of Black pepper, Javitri, Sonth and Meshri; application of mixture of Heena and Multani mitti; Sonth and Coriander paste was applied. For Nausea and Vomiting, Elaychi and Mishri; Pudina Tikki; Grounded seeds of Kamal doda with water; Phanki of Jeera and salt; Cloves rubbed with water etc were used to treat the ailment. As far as the handling of Eye pain was considered, Popped Phitkari with Elaychi; use of Cotton swab dipped in Sheep/goat milk Honey was accepted. For Rheumatism, massaging affected part with Mustard or Turpentine oil and tying of Castor or Aak leaves was good. Whereas, Sunstroke was treated by, taking Mint and Onion juice; Butter milk; Saunf in Tea or Lemon water; excess intake of Onion; Massage on palm and feet of Imalee pulp and dried Ber pulp
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Arti Verma, Preeti Verma. Local health wisdom of rural women of Jaisalmer district, Rajasthan. Pharma Innovation 2013;2(1):96-100.

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