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Vol. 1, Issue 7 (2012)


Nitika Ahuja, Vikash Kumar, Permender Rathee*
The osmotic-controlled release oral delivery system, OROS, is an advanced drug delivery technology that uses osmotic pressure as the driving force to deliver pharmacotherapy, usually once-daily, in several therapeutic areas. Oral route is one of the most extensively used routes of drug administration because of its obvious advantages of ease of administration, improved patient compliance and convenience. The main clinical benefits of OROS are their ability to improve treatment tolerability and patient compliance. These advantages are mainly driven by the capacity to deliver drugs in a sustained manner, independent of the drug chemical properties, of the patient’s physiological factors or concomitant food intake. However, access to these technologies has been restricted by the crowded patent landscape and manufacturing challenges. In this review, we intend to give an overview of the OROS development in the last 30 years, detailing the technologies, specific products and their clinical use. General guidance on technology selection is described in light of the recent advances in the field. The clinical performance of these technologies is also discussed, with a focus on food effects and the in vivo - in vitro correlation. Special attention is paid to safety given the controversial case study of Osmosin. Overall, oral osmotically driven systems appear to be a promising technology for product life-cycle strategies.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Nitika Ahuja, Vikash Kumar, Permender Rathee*. OSMOTIC-CONTROLLED RELEASE ORAL DELIVERY SYSTEM: AN ADVANCED ORAL DELIVERY FORM. Pharma Innovation 2012;1(7):116-124.

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