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Vol. 8, Issue 8 (2019)

Efficiency of three different protocols of oestrus synchronization in malabari goats

Vinayak Biradar, Magnus Paul K, Shibu Simon, MO Kurien, Lali FA and Gleeja VL
Profitability of goat rearing depends on exploitation of fertility potential which can be achieved with assisted reproductive technology. Synchronization of oestrus with timed hormonal treatment is an extensively used assisted reproductive technology in small ruminants. The present study was conducted to evaluate the efficiency of three different oestrus synchronization protocols in Malabari goats. Oestrus synchronization is manipulation of either luteal or follicular phase of the oestrous cycle for making the animals to attain oestrus at the same time. Thirty three Malabari does with one or more parity and 2-5 years of age were scanned and confirmed as non-pregnant for the study. Oestrus was synchronized either by using double injections of natural PGF (n=15), synthetic PGF (n=10) or intravaginal progesterone sponge (n=8). Oestrus was observed within 48-72 h of second dose of PGF2α and 48-72 h after sponge removal. Oestrus response was 100% in both natural and synthetic PGF and 87.5% in sponge method. All oestrous females were allowed to mate with fertile Malabari buck. Service rate was 86.66%, 90% and 85.7% in natural PGF, synthetic PGF and sponge method, respectively. The day of mating was considered as 0th day of pregnancy. Early pregnancy diagnosis was made by transrectal ultrasonography on 30th day of mating.Conception rate was69.23%, 66.66% and 66.66% with natural PGF, synthetic PGF2α and sponge method respectively. Kidding rate was 100% in all protocols. The present study revealed that in Malabari goats, all the three protocols were found to be equally efficient for oestrus synchronization.
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Vinayak Biradar, Magnus Paul K, Shibu Simon, MO Kurien, Lali FA and Gleeja VL. . The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2019; 8(8): 143-146.
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