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Vol. 8, Issue 7 (2019)

Clinicophysiological and haematobiochemical effects of dexmedetomidine as preanesthetic in combination with thiopental sodium and ketamine in dogs

Rashmi Saini, NS Jadon, Manjul Kandpal and Arun Kumar
The objective of the study was to evaluate a safe anaesthetic protocol that could lead to fast and smoother recovery and to determine various clinicophysiological and haematobiochemical parameters before and after anaesthesia. Twenty four clinically healthy dogs of either sex were divided into four groups. Atropine sulphate was administered @0.04mg/kg IM in all the groups. In group 1 ketamine was administered intravenously @ 10 mg/kg body weight. In group 2, dexmedetomidine was administered @ 10 µg/kg body weight, intravenously followed by ketamine till effect. The animals of group 3 were subjected to the administration of thiopental sodium I.V till effect. In animals of the group 4 dexmedetomidine was administered @10 µg/kg I.V. and thiopental sodium given I.V till effect. Dexmedetomidine prior to administration of ketamine and thiopental sodium results in quicker induction, better analgesia for more duration and better muscle relaxation as compared to use of ketamine and thiopental sodium alone. Total dose of ketamine and thiopental sodium required to produce general anaesthesia was decreased in animals of group 2 and 4, with increase in duration of anaesthesia, prolonged recovery time and better muscle relaxation. The clinical efficacy of anaesthesia was determined by performing various surgical operation viz cystotomy, gastrotomy, spaying and entrotomy. Haematological and biochemical parameters showed variable changes at various time intervals.
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Rashmi Saini, NS Jadon, Manjul Kandpal and Arun Kumar. . The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2019; 8(7): 12-17.
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