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Vol. 7, Issue 7 (2018)

Process standardization for puffed product from spent hen meat

Sarvadnya RG, Kokane RD, Dange A, Gadekar YP and Girish PS
The availability of culled and spent hens has also increased many folds with rapid development of poultry layer industry. The meat from spent hen is generally tough, less tender which reduces the market value. Better use of this meat could provide economic profits. The present study was aimed to produce a value added Hot Extruded puffed product by incorporation of spent hen meat emulsion in the flour in various proportions. Spent hen meat emulsion and two flour mixtures (Corn flour and Rice flour) were admixed in 15:85 (T1), 20:80 (T2) and 25:75 (T3) proportions to obtained emulsion based dough to produce hot extruded puffed product. Hot extruded puffed products thus obtained by twin screw hot extruder were rich in protein because of incorporation of spent hen meat which possessed almost 10-15% protein. Puffed product from flour mixture admixed with spent hen meat emulsion in different proportion can be effectively manufactured by using twin screw hot extruder.
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Sarvadnya RG, Kokane RD, Dange A, Gadekar YP and Girish PS. . The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2018; 7(7): 69-74.
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