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Vol. 4, Issue 2 (2015)

CAP in pregnant: the connection between inflammatory biomarkers and efficacy of antibacterial treatment

Pertseva T. O., Kireyeva T. V., Kravchenko N. K.
Over the past three decades, the number of drugs used during pregnancy increased by 60%. Cluster analysis of COPSAC 2010 study showed that antibiotics were prescribed to 21% of included pregnant women to treat lower respiratory tract infections (LTRI). The most dangerous for both mother and fetus, but although the most rare is community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). However, no antibiotic prescribed for CAP applies to category “A” according to FDA classification, which means none of them is safe for use in the gestational period.
Aim. to study changes in PCT level and leukocyte count (Lc) in terms of evaluating the efficacy of antibiotic therapy (ABT) in pregnant with CAP.
Materials and methods. The study included 35 women with a diagnosis of CAP (Group A) and a control group of 15 healthy pregnant (Group B). Quantitative determination of the PCT level in the serum was performed by chemiluminescence method. In Group A PCT and Lc were measured on admission and on the 5th day of therapy.
Results. The study showed that PCT level measured on admission, unlike the Lc, was higher than in Group B ((Med [25–75%]) 0,18 [0,11–0,25] ng/ml vs 0,047 [0,036 – 0,071], p=0,000). And decreased on the background of ABT to 0,06 [0,04-0,08] ng/ml (p=0,000).
Conclusions. Revealed changes in the PCT levels in respond to antibiotic therapy in pregnant with CAP can be used as an objective method to evaluate the efficacy of treatment. This can reduce the duration of therapy and thus reduce possible negative influence on fetus.
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Pertseva T. O., Kireyeva T. V., Kravchenko N. K.. . The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2015; 4(2): 04-06.
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