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Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2014)

Effect of overweight on the level of transforming growth factor in patients with purulent-destructive forms of chronic nonspecific pulmonary diseases

M.A. Mindrul
Patients with purulent-destructive forms of non-specific COPD under study have been examined on the question of the systemic level of the active form of TGF-β1. It was found that the laboratory test index of the male group of patients with such disease is currently increased in blood serum. Obese patients with purulent-destructive forms of COPD have displayed an extremely high level of the active form of TGF-β1. Clinical use of Acarbosum (Glucobay) as part of complex therapy of purulent-destructive forms of COPD in males with obesity has proved an antifibrotic effect which facilitated the reduction of an active form of TGF-β1 in blood serum.
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M.A. Mindrul. . The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2014; 3(3): 18-20.
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