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Vol. 3, Issue 10 (2014)

Quercetin elevates antioxidant status and modulates ouabain-sensitive transmembrane sodium pump in rat brain.

Akinwumi Ogundajo, Joshua Imoru, Ige Kade, Theophilus Olawoye
This study investigated in vivo antioxidant effect of quercetin in normal rat brain and in vitro effect of quercetin on cerebral sodium pump. Brain antioxidant factors (phenol, flavonoid, TBARS, Vitamin C and GSH) of normal male Wistar rats were quantified spectrophotometrically, while in vitro effect of quercetin on cerebral sodium pump was investigated through enzyme assay by measuring the of phosphate (Pi). The results showed that in vivo administration of quercetin significantly (P<0.001) increased brain’s phenol and flavonoid contents and significantly (P<0.001) decreased TBARS irrespective of the routes of administration. Intraperitoneal route caused significant (P<0.001) antioxidant effect compared to oral route of administration. In vitro investigation showed quercetin (IC50 73.68 µm) like ouabain (IC50 12.21 µm) as a moderate inhibitor of cerebral sodium pump. Its inhibitory effect can be modulated when the incubating medium was altered. Quercetin elevates cerebral antioxidant factors and modulates cerebral sodium pump in normal rats.
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Akinwumi Ogundajo, Joshua Imoru, Ige Kade, Theophilus Olawoye. . The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2014; 3(10): 69-75.
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