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Vol. 2, Issue 9 (2013)

Cytogenetic Changes In The Hereditary Apparatus of Children of Early Age Suffering From Complicated Pneumonia Combined With Iron Deficiency Anemia

Lyudmyla I. Haridzhuk, Larysa Ye. Kovalchuk
Cytogenetic changes of the hereditary apparatus in children of early age suffering from complicated pneumonia combined with iron deficiency anemia have been studied. Using comparative analysis of changes in the genetic apparatus of children suffering from CP combined with IDA, we proved their dependence on the severity of anemia. We found an increase in the frequency of associations of aerocentric chromosomes and chromosomal aberrations in children with complicated pneumonia compared with control and dependence of these parameters on the severity of iron deficiency anemia. It has been established that chromosomes 21, 15 and 14 have the greatest ability to form associations, the lowest - 12 and 13 in each group of sick children. Among the types of chromosomal aberrations identified chromatic (single fragments), chromosomal (paired fragments isolated dicentrics and abnormal monocentrics), deletions and chromosome disruption. In the spectrum of chromosomal aberrations we proved the advantage of deletions of long arm of the 4th and short arm of the 5th and 6th chromosomes.
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Lyudmyla I. Haridzhuk, Larysa Ye. Kovalchuk. . The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2013; 2(9): 30-35.
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